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Mr Rick Josten, Professional Journal of Joint Information Operations

Journal of Joint Information OperationsYou should buy this book—not just because all proceeds go to a worthy charity, but because the authors have launched a volley at the conventional wisdom of how we develop and implement influence strategy. The book is co-authored by two seasoned professional British soldiers, Major General Andrew Mackay (retired) and Commander Steve Tatham of the Royal Navy. Steve, who I met recently at the NATO school, speaks and writes with remarkable wit and clarity on the subject of Behavioural Conflict. Tatham and Mackay have both served in Iraq and Afghanistan and have also charged the book with relevant examples from other postings in Bosnia, Kosovo, Lebanon and Sierra Leone, among others. Like LTG Michael Flynn in his 2010 paper entitled Fixing Intel, where he claimed that intelligence was stovepiped and he called for an overhaul of intelligence gathering activities and dissemination (LTG Flynn was previously J2 at ISAF and since this July, Director of DIA) the author’s overarching premise is that: “that changing the behaviour of individuals, groups, government and societies will be key to future success” but that we need a complete over-haul of the structures and capabilities that do this: PsyOps (MISO), IO and Media Operations (PA)...

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