Influence Advisory Panel

IAPThe Influence Advisory Panel consists of experts from academia, politics, military, government and civil society, supported by practitioners, researchers and analysts from business and international organisations.

Chaired by Major General Andrew Mackay CBE, the panel provides a focus for the development of standards in influence and soft power capabilities.

The panel reviews best practice and acts as an advisory panel for government institutions that are interested in developing their own influence capabilities. The IAP is a non-profit organisation and does not promote, engage in or conduct business itself. However, it acts as a collective of some of the leading proponents and scientists of empirical influence, providing evaluation of Influence approaches and advice on the integration of Influence into government structures.

Over the last decade, there have been dramatic scientific advances made in the influence community and a gradual shift in thinking away from kinetic-led initiatives. This has provoked interest from across the globe, and a desire for a better understanding of how influence capabilities can support government and military initiatives. The IAP will help provide that understanding.

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