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Behavioural Conflict BookIf there is one single lesson that has been learnt from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan it is that we have not understood people; people we have fought amongst; people we have fought against; people we have fought alongside. Very often we have looked at people’s behaviours through the lens of our own cultures and history; a culture and history very different from ‘theirs’. Because of that we have been confused and puzzled by ‘their’ behaviours, often describing ‘their’ actions as irrational. Yet that irrationality probably exists only in our world – to ‘them’ their actions are probably perfectly sensible responses to chaotic environments and difficult personal circumstances. More

Instability, Profitability and Behavioural Change in Complex Environments


Andrew Mackay and Steve Tatham have combined with Professor Jim Derleth to write a paper that challenges the status quo on how Corporate Social Responsibility should be conducted in Africa. Instability, Profitability and Behavioural Change

Influence Advisory Panel

IAPThe Influence Advisory Panel consists of experts from academia, politics, military, government and civil society, supported by practitioners, researchers and analysts from business and international organisations.

Chaired by Major General Andrew Mackay CBE, the panel provides a focus for the development of standards in influence and soft power capabilities.


Helmand by Robert Wilson

Helmand by Robert WilsonThe photographs on the Behavioural Conflict website are by the acclaimed photographer Robert Wilson. Robert was 52 Infantry Brigades official war photographer during their tour of Helmand in 2007/2008. His book of photographs was published in 2009. To access Robert Wilson's web site please click  here

For further information on the story behind Helmand please click here and here

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