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Andrew Mackay

In a 29-year career, Major General Andrew Mackay has seen operational service in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan. In 2008 he was awarded the CBE for his command of 52 Brigade in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Promoted Major General in 2009 his last appointment in the British Army was as General Officer Commanding Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England. He is now the Founding Partner of Complexas an Advisory and Decision Support company that is focused on Africa.

Steve Tatham

Steve Tatham remains a serving Commander in the Royal Navy and has seen operational service in Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan. He   holds an M.Phil. in  International   Relations from John’s College, Cambridge and has just completed a part-time Ph.D., also in International Relations. He is the author of ‘Losing Arab  Hearts & Minds: The Coalition, Al-Jazeera and Muslim Public Opinion‘.

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