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Why Understanding People And Their Motivations Will Prove Decisive In Future Conflict

BORGEN and QUEEN. Unlikely soft power bed fellows?

This weekend BBC TV Channel 4 excelled.  The usual Celebrity Loser rubbish was replaced by back to back brilliance: Borgen and Queen.

Borgen, for the uninitiated, is a Danish drama series set in the world of Denmark’s coalition government. The series has been sold to TV in more than 70 countries; audiences and critics from Sydney to Paris, New York to London, rave about it.  Its lead actress, the lovely Sidse Knudsen, won a TV Bafta and an Emmy nomination last year. Prominent politicians in several countries are avid fans: Hillary Clinton sent the producers a warm message about the show, while the French President François Hollande is an addict; Saturday nights are reportedly Borgen nights for Ed Miliband 

A book by General Andrew Mackay, Commander Steve Tatham & Dr Lee Rowland

Getting Mobile Display Ads To Work: Researchers Say They’ve Discovered Sweet Spot10;Ava Seave, forbes.com10;When pro­fes­sors Mik­los Sar­vary, Andrew Stephen and Yakov Bart set up an exper­i­ment to test the effec­tive­ness of mobile dis­play ads, they were extreme­ly skep­ti­cal. “How can this lit­tle noisy mes­sage help sell a car?” Colum­bia Busi­ne…10;10;Interesting article on a favourite subject of ours.

I believe I read in one of your articles that no one in the military can really do proper TAAs. That may not be realistic in today’s operating environment. So I want to couch my question within the confines of the US military. My question is this, in the US military MISO believes they own the TAA process. Which I think stovepipes it and pushes it out of the normal planning process. Who do you think should be responsible for TAAs?

Asked by r1v3c5

Thanks for your question. It depends how you define TAA ! Before I answer do please tell me who I am speaking with. Thanks

By the 13th Century Persian Poet Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī 

By the 13th Century Persian Poet Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī 

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