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Behavioural Conflict Blog

Why Understanding People And Their Motivations Will Prove Decisive In Future Conflict

BBC News - Nigeria girls' abduction: Chibok parents plead for help »

As the tragedy of Boko Haram actions and ideology unfold in Nigeria it is becoming increasingly clear from numerous reports, commentaries and interviews that the underlying Boko Haram motives are opaque and contradictory.

Behavioural Conflict on the curriculum of Uganda Staff College.

Steve Tatham presents copies of Behavioural Conflict to Major General Andrew Gutti of the Ugandan People’s Defence Force.  General Gutti is the Commandant of the Ugandan Staff College in Jinja where Steve was asked to give a presentation to the students.

Maj Gen McMasters included in the most 100 Influential People in the World »

The architect of the future U.S. Army

Major General Herbert Raymond McMaster might be the 21st century Army’s pre-eminent warrior-thinker.

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New paper published: NATO STRATCOM: MORE TO DO?

New paper published by the National Defence Academy of Latvia


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